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We have all endured the awkwardness of losing our baby teeth. Eating and speaking were awkward. And we don’t want to look at any childhood photos where our teeth were missing. But this passed quite quickly, and we soon have our permanent adult teeth.

Unfortunately, some of us may lose a tooth as an adult. And unlike baby teeth these do not grow back.


Why Replace a lost Tooth? – Dentist Greystanes

We cannot leave our mouths with a missing tooth. If the inconvenience of compromised chewing or speaking is not enough, we have to remember that when one tooth is lost the other teeth will not stay in place. This leads to bite problems. And quite quickly the gum tissue and bone where the tooth was lost start to deteriorate. This also affects the surrounding teeth. So one lost tooth now means more lost teeth in the future.

Fortunately, there are several good options for replacing a lost tooth.


These are by far the best and most modern option. Implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. They look and function like a natural tooth, so much so that we can forget that the tooth isn’t the original.

Implants consist of a metal internal post and an external facsimile tooth. The metal post bonds to the jawbone. The external tooth is custom made to replace the original, fitting in precisely with the surrounding teeth.

Implants have a major advantage in that they prevent bone loss. Unlike natural teeth they never decay. As long as they are brushed twice daily (as all teeth should be) they will last for decades.

The only disadvantage of implants is that they are rather expensive. But this cost can be reduced if several teeth are replaced together. And as the implants last so long the long-term cost is low.

Fixed Bridges

A bridge is different to an implant. It puts a permanent replacement tooth in the mouth, but instead of bonding to the jawbone the tooth is connected to the adjacent teeth.

Bridges are cheaper than implants. And they can be used when the bone is not thick or strong enough to support implants. The disadvantage is that they require the adjacent teeth to be modified.


These are old technology, but dentures are inexpensive, and can look neat and tidy. They are a good option when the entire row of upper or lower teeth needs replacing.

A modern alternative is implant dentures. These are a row of permanent replacement teeth, held in place in the same manner as implants. But instead of one post to support each individual tooth the entire row of teeth are held with 4 posts. This is a moderate cost option.

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