Braces Parramatta

Needing Braces

Braces Parramatta Braces have become more common over the last two generations. There were twice as many teenagers wearing them in the late 1990s compared to the early 1980s. Does this mean that our natural teeth are getting worse, and in more need of orthodontic braces? Probably not. More likely we are using braces to […]

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Bad Breath

Dental Burwood Our breath says a lot about us, and our health. If we have bad breath it might just mean we have been lazy about brushing. Or it might mean there is an underlying health concern, perhaps trivial, perhaps serious.   Dehydration – We will get bad breath if we do not drink enough […]

Dental Greystanes

Teeth Whitening

Dental Greystanes Our teeth can become discoloured from coffee, smoking or some types of food. A few of us were born with teeth that were just never the right colour. So many of us would like to change the colour of our teeth, in order for them to look better. Dentists may offer several types […]

Dental Greystanes

All on 4 Implants

All on 4 Implants Dental Greystanes ‌‌ Implants are used to replace a single damaged tooth. They are the best type of tooth replacement as they look realistic, function well, and they do not compromise the surrounding teeth. But implants are expensive and take considerable time to put in place. So if we have to […]

Cosmetic Merrylands

What Makes a Smile?

Cosmetic Merrylands What makes an attractive smile? While most dentistry is concerned with the health of the mouth and neat function of the teeth there is no reason why teeth can’t look their best too. In fact, function and appearance tend to go together.   For our teeth to look their best it helps to […]

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Dental Greystanes ‌‌ Almost everybody has had at least one toothache in their time. This is something that can prevent us from getting anything done during our day, and prevent us from sleeping at night. There are many causes of toothache, most of them being fairly serious. We should have the tooth checked by the […]

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Questionable Habits

Dentist Greystanes Some of us get advice from a variety of dodgy sources. Anything from web-searches to grandparents have advice, and most is little better than personal opinion. Yet some of this sounds convincing, and some of us take it quite to heart. So it may be a good idea to dispel a few misconceptions. […]

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Braces Parramatta ‌‌ Dental Braces area rite-of-passage for many teenagers. Few of us have naturally straight teeth or perfectly aligned jaws. But most of us have teeth that are not so bad that they cannot be corrected by braces. Braces can move individual teeth both vertically and horizontally, at least to some degree. This can […]

Dentist Greystanes

Modern Toothpaste

Dentist Greystanes Very few people today would try to brush without paste, and those who do probably use tooth powder or something from an earlier time. It is more common to not brush teeth at all than to not use toothpaste. This is not to say that toothpaste is more important than brushing, but it […]

Dental Flossing

Alternatives to Flossing

Dentist Greystanes Flossing is important because there is considerable amount of area between teeth where plaque and food debris can get caught. Brushing will not remove this material. And if it is left there it will cause tooth decay or gum disease. Perhaps both. Some people prefer alternative methods to flossing when it comes to […]