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What are the Toothbrush Options?

Hollywood Smile Merryland s Of course if we want any kind of reasonable smile we will need to brush twice daily. Failure to brush will mean we quickly ruin our smile, and then our dental health, and then our general health. If we want our brushing to be effective we need both good technique and […]

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What are Some of the Options at the Dentist?

Happy Gas Dentist There are a few type of anesthetic used for dental work. One variety, well know in pop culture, is happy gas. This happy gas, correctly called nitrus oxide, is administered via a mask. Acting within a few minutes it both dulls senses and pain, and gives a feeling of euphoria. Happy gas […]

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What to Do About a Dry Mouth

Dental Greystanes A dry mouth is both a bad sign for your health, and a cause of dental problems. When the mouth is dry the bacteria on the teeth and gums multiply rapidly, leading to tooth decay and gum infections. It will also tend to cause bad breath.   Childrens Dentist Children may have a […]

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Alternate Sweetners

Dentist Greystanes Almost everybody realizes that sugar is bad for our teeth, and that in the amounts we often eat it is also rather bad for our health in general. So many of us opt to use artificial or alternate sweeteners instead of sugar. But some of the alternate sweeteners can also cause problems. Tooth […]

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Acidic Foods

Dental Greystanes There are two main ways in which tooth enamel suffers decay. One is sugar in our diet being turned into acid by bacteria in our mouth. This acid quickly softens and soon destroys the enamel on teeth. These second way in which enamel is softened and damaged is by food and beverages that […]

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Needing Braces

Braces Parramatta Braces have become more common over the last two generations. There were twice as many teenagers wearing them in the late 1990s compared to the early 1980s. Does this mean that our natural teeth are getting worse, and in more need of orthodontic braces? Probably not. More likely we are using braces to […]

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Bad Breath

Dental Burwood Our breath says a lot about us, and our health. If we have bad breath it might just mean we have been lazy about brushing. Or it might mean there is an underlying health concern, perhaps trivial, perhaps serious.   Dehydration – We will get bad breath if we do not drink enough […]

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Teeth Whitening

Dental Greystanes Our teeth can become discoloured from coffee, smoking or some types of food. A few of us were born with teeth that were just never the right colour. So many of us would like to change the colour of our teeth, in order for them to look better. Dentists may offer several types […]