Dental Flossing

Flossing Between the teeth – Dentist Smithfield Flossing is part of the trifecta of dental hygiene. Along with brush and use of mouthwash it is part of the basic defence against dental problems. About 30% of our tooth surface is between the teeth. Brushing cannot reach all of this. So we need another method to […]

Brushing Mistakes

Dentist Greystanes Basic cleaning may seem obvious, but it is also fundamentally important if we are to have healthy teeth and gums. Some important points are Pick a good toothbrush A soft bristle toothbrush is best. This will clean teeth without causing abrasion to tooth enamel or gums. Harsh brushes will damage teeth over time. […]

Food for Teeth

It has always been accepted as good advice to eat a healthy diet. But the foods considered healthy seem to change over time. Fats and chocolate were thought to be unhealthy less than a generation ago, something to be eaten only in moderation. Now many fats or at least more natural fats, are understood to […]

Children Visit the Dentist

Children need to look after their teeth and periodically visit the dentist. Both these practices are as tricky as they are necessary. Children get nervous at the dentist. But some preparation can reduce and perhaps eliminate this problem. Start young Visit the dentist as soon as the first teeth appear in the child’s mouth. The […]

Vitamin D and Phytic Acid

We know that excess sugar is bad for both our teeth and health in general. But there are other dietary causes of dental problems. If we are experiencing decay or inflammation, or even other health issues, we should look a few other factors, and continue to eat a minimal amount of sugar. Vitamin D After […]

Poor Dental Habits

Multitasking while brushing. Some might debate this. Perhaps it helps to brush in the shower, but are you compromising the task? By all means leave the radio on, it might mean you keep brushing for longer without getting bored. Just make sure you brush well. Brush Cleaning Over cleaning the brush. You just need to […]

Some History of Deficiency

Study of skeletons several centuries old has given some insight into vitamin D deficiency. We have known for many generations that vitamin D was essential for our health, and we have known that this extended to our teeth. Lack of vitamin D definitely had some detrimental effect on our oral health. But as controlled experiments […]

Re-Mineralizing Toothpaste

Recently developed BioMinF Toothpaste has been show to help repair teeth by restoring lost minerals. This re-mineralization should significantly reduce decay and tooth sensitivity. The toothpaste works best when left on the teeth overnight. Tooth decay has remained a major world-wide health concern. Even though fluoridation of water has had yielded a huge deduction in […]