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Braces Parramatta ‌‌ Dental Braces area rite-of-passage for many teenagers. Few of us have naturally straight teeth or perfectly aligned jaws. But most of us have teeth that are not so bad that they cannot be corrected by braces. Braces can move individual teeth both vertically and horizontally, at least to some degree. This can […]

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Modern Toothpaste

Dentist Greystanes Very few people today would try to brush without paste, and those who do probably use tooth powder or something from an earlier time. It is more common to not brush teeth at all than to not use toothpaste. This is not to say that toothpaste is more important than brushing, but it […]

Dental Flossing

Alternatives to Flossing

Dentist Greystanes Flossing is important because there is considerable amount of area between teeth where plaque and food debris can get caught. Brushing will not remove this material. And if it is left there it will cause tooth decay or gum disease. Perhaps both. Some people prefer alternative methods to flossing when it comes to […]

Invisalign - Alternative to Braces Paramatta


Alternative to Braces Dentist Paramatta Only a few of us have naturally straight teeth. Most of who have straight teeth now either had braces as teenagers, or a little straightening work done latter on. A few of us are left with less than straight as adult, and may not be happy about this. We can […]

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Dental Dreystanes Toothaches are both painful, and a symptom of a more serious problem. Any toothache requires immediate attention; they qualifies as an emergency dental appointment. But while you wait for your emergency appointment there are a few ways to reduce the pain. • Many the counter pain medications will help reduce the pain for […]

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Electric Toothbrushes Advantages

Electric Toothbrushes Advantages Dental Greystanes There are many advantages with electric toothbrushes.   Electric toothbrushes often have timers, so you can be sure you are brushing for a sufficient amount of time Electric Toothbrushes move rapidly, so there are far more brush strokes in the same amount of time. This means your teeth get a […]

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Dental Greystanes Most of our adult teeth come through by our early teens. But our wisdom teeth don’t usually emerge until we are in our late teens or early twenties. These wisdom teeth are the molars at the very back of the mouth. unfortunately wisdom teeth are notorious for causing problems. Often there […]

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Temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ)

Dental Greystanes Some of us experience a click or pain in our jaw. This is usually not a serious problem. and is it usually fairly stable; it will usually not grow worse with time. But is can be an irritant. Occasionally the problem does grow worse, or cause headaches, or it is the result of […]

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Modern Diets

Dental Greystanes Low Carbohydrate diets like Atkins and Keto have had a moderate but steady following for the past generation or two. They appear to have at lost some effect for weight loss, at least according to short term studies. Long terms effects on health are still not known. Yet there is one short term […]

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Gum Disease

Merrylands Dental Of course dentists look after more than just teeth. Our gums are also very important. And if the gums get infected then we risk losing teeth, and risk suffering other healthy problems latter on.   Gingivitis is a moderate gum infection. It is caused by bacteria, mostly due to lack of brushing, flossing […]