Sports Mouthguards

Mouthguards and Sport

Contact sports carry a moderate risk of accidents. Non-contact sports carry a much lower risk. We may be able to completely prevent those accidents, but we can greatly reduce the chance of an injury if we use the proper safety equipment. This includes a good mouthguard.

There are several options for mouthguards, with varying degrees of protection and comfort.

The most basic type of mouthguard is a generic design. This is inexpensive, but you are stuck with a one-size-fits all option. Maybe there is a large, medium and small options. But chances are this will feel at least a little uncomfortable as everybody’s mouth is different. Still, the generic mouthguard will offer a fair degree of protection. Better to be uncomfortable than to suffer a lost tooth.

Boil and bite mouthguards are an improvement over a generic type. These require you to boil the mouthguard, softening the material, and then bite into the surface when the temperature becomes acceptable. The result is a mouthguard that largely moulds itself to the shape of your teeth. While not perfect, this is reasonably comfortable, even as they tend to be a bit bulky. It can be difficult to speak with this type of mouthguards. And the fact that the material is soft means the protection is only moderate.


Custom Mouthguards from Dental Greystanes

A custom mouthguard from the dentist it always the best option. Professional sports players use this option almost exclusively.

  • Comfortable yet snug
  • Less likely to fall out. It can be attached to a sport helmet on a short cord to prevent loss.
  • Breathing and swallowing is not really compromised.
  • Will not cause a gag reflex.
  • Will not affect speech too much.
  • If kept clean it will be odourless and tasteless.
  • Nobody will want to steal a custom fitted device as it will not fit them.
  • It provides the best protection possible. This can be changed to suit the sport.

The dentist will take an impression of the individual’s teeth and produce a suitable custom mouthguard. This is a fairly quick and pain free procedure. The resulting mouthguard will cost a few hundred dollars, but will easily last for many years.

At Dental Greystanes we understand that prevention of an injury beforehand is better than treating an injury afterwards. A custom mouthguard greatly reduces the severity of an accident. It is the difference between losing a tooth and simply putting up with a nasty bruise.


Dental Greystanes

Custom mouthguards are comfortable and offer excellent protection for contact sports. Talk to us about all your dental needs.


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