Improving Your Dental Health

At Dentist Greystanes our dental focus is on having the best oral health possible. This includes preventative dentistry. If we follow good advice we greatly reduce problems with tooth decay and gum infections. And this in turn benefits our overall health.


Dental Focus Advice from Dentist Greystanes

Be frugal with snacking. Most snacks contain sugar, which is the main cause of tooth decay. The bad bacteria in our mouth convert the sugar into acid, which steadily destroys our teeth. We all realize that junk food is full of sugar, but fruit juice and natural food like honey are almost as bad. And carbohydrates like bread act much like sugar. So most snacking is going to affect our teeth. About the only exception is salad without dressing. So perhaps snack on a carrot or celery stick.

Quit Smoking. There are a host of health issues connected to smoking, and no benefits. Amongst other problems smoking is bad for circulation, and increases the risk of gum disease. The nicotine gum that helps people quit smoking is only slightly better, s the nicotine still compromises circulation.

Our dental health is connected to our general health. Over 90% of all health problems have at least one symptom in the mouth. By taking note of any changes in our oral health, or any changes in our mouth, we can have a good indication of our general health. This applies to everything from diabetes to heat conditions. If we notice a gum infection, we can be fairly sure that this will aggravate other pre-existing health conditions.

Wear a mouthguard. This is essential for contact sports where collisions are common. Mouthguards won’t prevent an accident, but they greatly reduce the extend on an injury. It can be the difference between a lost tooth, or just a nasty bruise.

Mouthguards can also be very useful for those with snoring or other breathing disorders at night. The right custom mouthguard will hold the jaw in the right position for correct nasal breathing.

Cleaning our teeth is the most basic piece of advice. Our grandparents told us this, and the only change today is the fact we need to wait 30 minutes after eating before brushing. This is because many foods and drinks will temporarily soften the tooth enamel. So, if we brush too soon we wear the enamel away.

Mouthwash is useful. It does not replace brushing or flossing. Rather, it is used after brushing to add some addition benefit. As long as the mouthwash does not contain alcohol (as it did a generation ago) we can use it several time per day. So, we can add mouthwash after lunch for fresh breath and a little bit of fluoride strengthening.


Dentist Greystanes encourages regular dental visits. A twice per year appointment will mean being able to address any issues before they become too serious. Combined with good eating and cleaning habits, twice per year dental appointments means better health at less cost.


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