We want the best treatment for your child, where they can learn and be treated in a family friendly environment.

Emergency Dentistry

If you’re in pain, shock or deeply concerned by the health of your teeth we will prioritise your comfort and treatment. Reasons for an emergency appointment.

  • Wisdom teeth pain (before or after removal)
  • Severe infection
  • Tooth lost due to an accident
  • Pain due to gum disease or infection
  • Tooth chipped due to an accident
  • Continuous pain after an implant / root canal treatment

In cases where it is after hours,

Take 2 Nurofen tablets (400mgs) every 3-4 hours for temporarily relief and call us straight away.

If the child is under 6yrs of age and is in severe pain, take them to the Westmead Children’s Hospital or the
Children’s Hospital in Randwick.

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