Teeth During Christmas Indulgence


Dental Greystanes Advice over Christmas

Christmas is one of the few times in the year when we might justify overindulging in food, including some unhealthy food. The other times are Halloween, Birthdays and a few other significant but isolated dates. This unhealthy food will often take its tole on both our weight and our dental heath. Some precautions can greatly reduce, perhaps even prevent the damage.

Dentist Greystanes And Junk Food

– We probably cannot avoid sugary food altogether, but we can eat in moderation. Those advent calendars where the child gets one chocolate per day may not have been such a bad idea.
– Cook healthier recipes. Cream and plum cake is preferable to boiled sweets.
– Chocolate wouldn’t be too bad were it not for the sugar. So find some sugar alternatives, like Stevia or Xylitol chocolate
– Eat more nuts. These have calories, but are fine for teeth. Cashews even have a substance that helps reduce tooth decay be fighting bad bacteria.
– Wine is not too bad for most people, though some suffer stained teeth. This is preferable to carbonated drinks which often have sugar.
– Drink more water. This greatly reduces the sugar in the mouth and goes a long way to cleaning teeth.
– Green tea after a meal will reduce decay (fighting bad bacteria) and help freshen breath.
– Simply brushing and flossing teeth a half hour after each meal goes a long way to reducing dental problems.

Season’s Greetings Greystanes Dentist

We wish all our customers the best over the holiday season.


Dentist Greystanes

If we look after our teeth we avoid most problems. But we need to know the best way to look after our teeth. Check any dental advice with your dentist.



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