Questionable Dental Habits

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Some of us get advice from a variety of questionable sources. Anything from web searches to grandparents have advice, and most is little better than personal opinion. Yet some of this sounds convincing, and some of us take it quite to heart. So it may be a good idea to dispel a few misconceptions.

Internet advice – Half the advice on the net is mistaken, or bad advertising. Professional dental journals are fairly reliable, but even the best research can be mistaken or superseded. So stick with what is current.

Brushing after eating – Our grandparents recommended this, even the ones with dentures! But we now know that brushing to soon after eating is often bad for teeth. The tooth enamel is soften by acidic drinks and foods, so brushing too soon will wear the enamel away.
Wait 30 minutes after eating before brushing. Drink water after eating or chew sugar-free gum.

Brush cleaning – Rinse the brush after each use and let it air dry (in an upright position). Keep it away from toilets (2 meters away is sufficient). Use a UV light to sterilise the brush if needed.

Drinking water – This does help clean teeth. But bottled water does not have any fluoride, which would help strengthen tooth enamel. In this regard tap water is better.

Charcoal cleaning – This was a trend or a few years. But charcoal is too abrasive, at least for regular use, and it will wear away the enamel. Stick to fluoride toothpaste.

Artificial sweeteners – These are a substitute for sugar, and sugar is bad for teeth so substitutes have some potential. But allergies to some artificial substances are common. Xylitol is one artificial sweetener that looks to be a good option, helping to fight bad bacteria.

Multitasking – We try to save time by doing two things at once. But we compromise on both things, being better off concentrating on one task at a time. By all means listen to the radio while brushing, and perhaps it is ok to brush while showering. Just make sure you brush well.


Dental Burwood

If we look after our teeth we avoid most problems. But we need to know the best way to look after our teeth. Check any dental advice with your dentist.


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