Payment Plan for Dental Work

Need for a Payment Plan Dentist

If we have a dental or medical need it is almost always is best to deal with is as soon a possible. Things tend to get worse if they are not treated, and treatment becomes more difficult and more expensive.

There can be a issue with finances. Perhaps we need dental treatment but cannot quite afford it in the short term. This is why payment plans exist. We encourage you to have the dental work you need, and to pay it off over a few months.

Missing Teeth and Payment Plan Dentist

If a tooth is damaged by decay it needs repair, usually with a filling. If we neglect this the tooth decay becomes worse, and we end up paying more when we finally get the repair done. It is better to have the work done sooner, and pay for the work in installments over the following months.

A missing tooth is a more serious matter than a damaged tooth, at least in the long term. Teeth do not exist in isolation. If one tooth is lost then the other teeth will be affected. Over time the gums and jawbone will also be compromised, leading to cascading health issues.

– Eating can be painful if you are missing a tooth, especially if you are chewing hard food
– A missing tooth can affect speech.
– A missing tooth leads to the adjacent teeth moving into the space left behind. This can mean crooked teeth separated by significant gaps.
– Bone structure in the jaw is lost over time when a tooth is missing. This will make a replacement implant tooth difficult to fit. It also risks the lost of other teeth.
– Our facial structure will sag when we lose a tooth.
– The cause of the tooth loss is important. The bacteria that caused the tooth loss also cause gum disease and further tooth decay. Over time they lead to heart disease and dementia.

Implants and Payment Plan Dentist

A missing tooth can be replaced with an implant. This is a modern treatment, and far superior to dentures or bridges. Implants are permanently bonded to the jawbone, are function like a natural tooth. They will prevent major lose of bone, and prevent the other teeth from moving. This is the next best thing to a natural tooth.

Dental implants will initially be expensive, but they will last for the rest of your life, and prevent the complications that often arise from a missing tooth. So in the lost term they are very cost-effective. It is worthwhile to have a payment plan for a dental implant.

Payment Plan Dentist

Need dental work? Have the missing tooth replaced today, and pay the cost over the next few months. Having the dental work done now prevents the need for more complex, more expensive, dental work in the future.


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