A few Good Habits

  • Eat crunchy food like carrots, celery and apples. These help clean teeth, without the taste of toothpaste. Swiss and cheddar cheese contains some compounds that prevent decay, apparently by reducing the acidity of the saliva.
  • If you must drink sugary liquids, use a straw. And rinse afterwards.
  • Bad breath can be an indication of a problem or just an unpleasant problem by itself. If brushing your teeth and tongue does not rid you of bad breath, try a teaspoon of chlorophyll each day. It massively reduces all odours from the mouth and the rest of your body.
  • Flossing covers the 1/3 of the tooth surface that toothbrushes hardly reach. An old piece of advice, but one of the most important.
  • Avoid the lemon water/apple cider vinegar drinks if you have dental problems. They may or may not have metabolism benefits, but the acid is had on teeth. Else, at least rinse with water afterwards.
  • Rinse after eating citrus fruit, or anything acidic. The food and vitamin C are healthy, but the acid is hard on the teeth.
  • Any dental novelty tends to help. Whether it is a light-up toothbrush, timer, UV cleaner, or something to do with a cartoon character we tend to find ourselves wanting to use our toothbrush due to the novelty value.


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