Will I Need Dental Braces?

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Braces have become more common over the last two generations. There were twice as many teenagers wearing them in the late 1990’s compared to the early 1980’s. Does this mean that our natural teeth are getting worse, and in more need of orthodontic braces? Probably not. More likely we are using braces to treat more conditions, including non-vital issues. We know society is very conscious of our appearance, so we now use braces for purely cosmetic reason, just to make teeth will look good. The availability of dental insurance makes this more affordable. So where we once used braces only to fix major tooth alignment issues we now also use them fix moderate cosmetic issues.

We used to ask if the child really needed braces. Now we ask if they will benefit from braces.

Issues that Orthodontic Braces will fix.

Bad Bite – This is where the upper and lower teeth do not meet correctly. Almost nobody has a perfect bite, the upper or lower teeth may be slightly forward, or the jaw might be positioned slightly to one side. If the alignment is fairly close it might be left untreated. But if it is noticeably wrong it might make the individual’s face look asymmetrical, and cause ongoing problems with eating that steadily wear at the teeth or bone joints over time.

It is a mistake to think that all the teeth are fine just because the front teeth look straight.

Crooked Teeth – This is what most people think of when we talk about braces. It is certainly an aesthetic issue- it is rare for crooked teeth to look more attractive. But crooked teeth are also harder to clean, and can be prone to wear over time because they do not neatly fit together.

Overcrowded mouth – This is another common reason for braces, and it is both a functional and an aesthetic issue. It is common to have more teeth than our jaws can physically hold. Often we need to remove a few teeth, and then use braces to align the teeth that remain.
Overcrowded mouths become worse when we are young adults. Our wisdom teeth come through when we are in our late teen or early twenties, which means four more teeth to fit in the same space. So we may need orthodontic treatment if the new wisdom teeth push the previously neat teeth out or alignment. Or we might just have the wisdom teeth extracted.

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Braces can fix many dental issue, and prevent more serious issues latter on. Consider getting braces in your teenage years, as soon as the baby teeth are gone, and you will probably benefit from neat, well functioning teeth for the rest of your life.


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