Why Braces Remain So Useful ?

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Braces are a part of life for most teenagers. Most of us don’t have naturally straight teeth, but the teeth we have can usually be straightened by braces. If we have dental braces fitted when we are teens, when the permanent teeth first emerge, then we will benefit from straighter teeth for the rest of our life.

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What issue will braces Fix?

Bad bite – If the upper and lower teeth do not meet correctly then we have a less than ideal bite. This can cause wear over time, make the face look asymmetrical, and may lead to jaw pain latter on. Sometimes it just looks a little less attractive then it could. Mild bite alignment problems are sometimes left untreated, but more noticeable problems are fixed with braces.

Crooked teeth – This is what most people accociate with braces. Crooked teeth often look less attractive than they could be, and tend to be hard to clean. Braces were literally designed for fixing crooked teeth.

Overcrowded Mouth – It is not uncommon for our mouths to have more teeth than space to hold them. A combination of extractions and braces to align the remaining teeth means a neat, well functioning mouth.

About Braces Dentist Parramatta

Braces can move individual teeth either vertically and horizontally This can put high emerging eyeteeth in line with the other top teeth, or slightly lower other teeth. Braces can also correct moderate jaw alignment problems. It is important to correct these issue as early as possible to prevent potential complications over time.

Braces can be fitted once all the adult teeth (except the wisdom teeth) have fully emerged. These teeth are usually in place once a person is in their teens. It is possible to have braces at a latter age, as an adult, but earlier treatment means we have the benefits sooner, with less risk of complications from misaligned teeth.

Braces are awkward and uncomfortable at first. But this soon passes. And the long term benefits far outweigh the short term inconvenience.

We all deserve the best teeth possible. Braces fitted now means straighter teeth in the near future, and fewer dental problems latter on.


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