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Teeth Whitening Strathfield

The media we see every day, Magazines, TV talk shows, and Hollywood films, tend to promote bright white teeth. This type of look is achievable, but it is a little uncommon. People with naturally perfect white teeth are in the minority. And even those of us who originally had reasonably white teeth have often compromised their appearance by staining them with coffee, cigarettes or some strong food. Yet, most of us find the bright white Hollywood teeth to be attractive, and wouldn’t mind are teeth looking a lot more like that.


As most of us are aware, the dentist does have some teeth whitening methods. These range from in office treatments that take only one appointment, to take home kits that require regular use to achieve and maintain results. Teeth can also be whitened by replacement with crowns or implants, though this is a more expensive option, and only really used when we want to also change the shape of the teeth, or if there are serious tooth issues that go far beyond the ideal colour.


Popular Teeth Whitening Strathfield – Zoom

Technology for teeth whitening has improved over the years. Older methods used a strong liquid of gel bleaching agent, which was harsh on the gums, and which took considerable time. The modern treatment uses zoom.

Zoom tooth whitening still uses a gel on the teeth, but the action of the gel is sped up with a strong blue light. This means the treatment only lasts a little over an hour. And the results are immediate.

There are a few important precautions with zoom and other forms of teeth whitening. One is that teeth whitening can make the teeth more sensitive, meaning that the teeth could feel pain when exposed to hot and cold temperatures. It the teeth are already sensitive to the hot and cold, then we recommend not having them whitened until the issue is resolved. Teeth that have thin enamel are prone the sensitivity, so we recommend avoiding teeth whitening for the present time.

Teeth that you are planning on whitening should have had a scaling and professional cleaning in the last 6 months.

After the whitening treatment is over the patient will need to avoid coffee, wine, colouring or any food products that might cause staining.

The results of Zoom whitening should last 2 -3 years.


Home Treatments – Teeth Whitening Strathfield

The supermarket home whitening treatments are of fairly low strength, and possibly low quality. The staining gels are diluted, making them safe but with minimal effect. We believe these supermarket kits are best avoided.

Whitening toothpastes are also sold in supermarkets and chemists. The action of these treatments is different to dental office whitening. They work by being abrasive, which literally wears away a layer of tooth enamel. It is probably better to avoid these. They will wear away the teeth.


Teeth Whitening Strathfield

Hollywood smiles might be a little brighter than life, but our zoom treatment can give your teeth a clean, white colour.


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