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Many adults have memories of the orthodontic treatment they received when they were in their teenage years, or as a child. Back then braces were painful, at least at first, and only endured because of the long term benefits. Those straighter teeth could last a lifetime. It may come to a relief to many adult parents that their own children can now get the same benefits with far less trouble. Hopefully those same parents can resist the lecture about how easy kids have it today, and how difficult things were back when we were younger.

Technology has improved, and in some cases the older technology has become less expensive, and more readily available. This often means the same results, but in less time, and with less awkwardness. We can have more comfortable braces that straighten teeth in less than 2 years. It can also mean braces or alternate treatments that are less noticeable. So we can smile without being self-conscious.

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CAD – Computers can be used to scan and create custom braces, designed for each individual’s unique mouth. This means faster results, and less pain and trouble as we do not have to adapt to some general purpose design. It also means that the braces can be used for more complex tasks that once would have required surgery.

Attractive Options – Large metal braces are mostly obsolete. Newer braces have smaller brackets and thinner wires that are less noticeable. And ceramic braces, an older and once more expensive option, have become more affordable. These are also less noticeable as they are a similar colour to the teeth.

Lingual braces are used in some cases. These are like conventional braces, except that they are placed behind the teeth. This makes them almost undetectable.

Self-litigating braces are also an older, yet highly effective, technology that has become less expensive and therefor more common. These do not require elastics, so there is almost no restrictions on what can be eaten. And brushing the teeth is much easier.

Memory wire, a development from the space race, will align teeth without the need of frequent adjustments or elastics.

Invisalign is more common with adults than with a childrens dentist. But this system, which uses a series of clear plastic mouth guard to move teeth, is very effective for some situations. The mouth guards are removable for eating and public speaking, and even when they are worn they are fairly unnoticeable.

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Modern orthodontic and dental treatments for children are less troublesome than older technology, yet deliver excellent results.


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