3D Digital Guided Implant

What is Digital Guided Implant Surgery?

Digital Guided Implant Surgery is another method of inserting an implant for strong reliable tooth replacement. This methods uses the patient’s CT images on a computer; planning the perfect location for the implant through an implant planning software. This is more precise and accurate than using the traditional xray to match the implant’s position on the patient’s gum line.

What to Expect:

Step 1

Consultation and CT images are taken and placed into Implant Planning Software. A surgical template is made (looks like a splint) that is fabricated from the patient’s scan.

Step 2

The surgery. The template is secured to the patients mouth. The implant is positioned and inserted with the accurate guidance of this template

Step 3

The restoration tooth is inserted about the implant anchors. Resulting in new pain free and fast healing teeth.

What are the Benefits?

The new digitally navigated implant surgery has many benefits and satisfactory results. Not only is it more accurately placed, but it makes no incision increasing the healing time and reducing inflammation and pain.

Less Pain

Less Down-time

No Stiches

Less Evasive

Less Bleeding

Faster Surgery

Precise & Accurate

Bone Grafts minimised