Multiple Implant Solutions

What is Multiple Implant Solutions?

The concept of Multiple Implant Solutions is to create an alternative for dentures or cutting the time and cost of having 5 to 8 implants inserted individually. If you are missing all your teeth, already using dentures that are not fitting properly, or most of your teeth or decaying then this might be an option for you.

The X implants are angled in specific positions to increase stability and also to avoid areas where there is weak bone development within the jaw. This can reduce the need for bone grafting.

As it utilises fewer dental implants to support the full dentures; the treatment process is also shortened.

Nevertheless it is not for everyone, so make sure to book a consultation with us today to see the best treatment for you.


2 to 4 implants with a click-on & click-off plastic denture


These implants are fixed (permanently placed) to the X implants. There are different bases, ceramic, titanium, plastic and metal.

How are they different to normal implants or dentures?

If your are:

  • Missing all your teeth
  • Loose, painful or worn out teeth
  • Have dentures that no longer fit well

Multiple Implant Solutions implants may be a great option for you, which is both cost effective as well as reliable.

A Cost Effective Option