Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Sydney

Wisdom teeth are the set of third molars that develop at the back of out mouth, usually in our early twenties. They are something of an anomaly, developing as they do long after the childhood teeth have gone and when the adult teeth are already established. Often the mouth has insufficient room for these late developing wisdom teeth, causing crowding, misalignment or a teeth that does not emerge from the gum. These problems require corrective dental work.


Wisdom Tooth Removal Sydney

It is often quite painful when teeth do not emerge properly. There is always some temporary discomfort while a tooth is in the process of emerging, but teeth that stay partially emerged continue to be painful. These partially emerged teeth are also prone to infections and decay; food is easily caught in the space where the tooth and gum meet, and this is usually quite difficult to remove with regular cleaning.

Furthermore, even if the wisdom tooth does emerge properly it can still cause problems by overcrowding the mouth, pushing other teeth out of place or by causing bite problems.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

Wisdom teeth that cause problems often need to be removed, though occasionally less complex gum surgery is sufficient. Removal can be initially painful, but it prevents the risk of infection and removes the ongoing pain of the troubled tooth.

Wisdom teeth should be removed before problems grow worse.


Dealing with Pain from Tooth Extraction Sydney

  • Don’t eat for at least 2 hours.
  • Avoid hot drinks. Some individuals also avoid very cold drinks.
  • Gargeling salty water provides some pain relief, and prevents infections.
  • Use a commercial mouthwash
  • A cold pack on the side of the mouth, 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, relieves pain.
  • Painkillers like ibuprofen help, especially when trying to sleep
  • Gel anaesthetic can be applied directly around the extraction
  • Some individuals find clove oil (or a clove) helps relieve pain when applied to the extraction site
  • Avoid smoking, which aggravates the problems.


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