Children at the Dentist

Children Dentist Burwood

Visiting the dentist is one of those situations where it is best to start early. We should teach the child to brush their teeth as early as possible. And we should take them to visit the dentist as soon as the first tooth appears, or by the time of their first birthday.

Young children and their teeth.

When the child is still baby we should wipe their gums with a clean damp cloth. Avoid letting them leave a bottle in their mouth, especially falling asleep with a bottle, as the liquid can cause developing teeth to decay. Encourage them to drink water, which helps keep teeth clean, and avoid anything sweetened as this is bad for teeth.

Children often copy at least some of the things that their parents do. We can use this to set a good example. Show them how you brush your teeth, and have them repeat the process on themselves.

We can encourage brushing by:

– Kids like novelty toothbrushes with popular cartoon characters. This may encourage them to brush.
– Kids also like electric toothbrushes. This encourages brushing, but make sure they know how to use a conventional toothbrush, should the need arise.
– Children’s toothpastes are fluoride free, so they are pleasant tasting and safe should they be swallowed.
– A timer will encourage us to brush for two minutes, the recommended time.
– You might try putting stickers or stars on a calendar for every time the child brushes their teeth. Reward them each week if they remembered every day.

Children are all potential but no experience. Teach them good habits now so they can learn them for the future.

Visit the Children Dentist Burwood

Children may initially be frightened of visiting the dentist. The reasons for this are uncertain, but it might simply be a fear of something unfamiliar. We can reduce this fear by showing the child what the dentist will do. Put the child in a reclining chair, shine a light at their open mouth, and tap each tooth with the back of their toothbrush. Recreate the experience, and let them know there is nothing to worry about.

Dental exams will find any potential issues early on. Dentists will recommend treatments to prevent any problems becoming serious. Early dental exams mean prevention now instead of cure latter on.

Children Dentist Burwood

Dentist are there to help us have the healthiest teeth possible. Encourage children to make twice yearly visits to the dentist from a young age.