Dental Implants

Dental Implants Burwood

A missing tooth is serious. For many generations a missing tooth could only be replaced with a partial denture. Latter an artificial tooth could be put in, bridged between the adjacent teeth. These were not ideal though they looked quite acceptable. Today we can replace missing or badly damaged teeth with dental implants.

Complications without Dental Implants Burwood

A missing tooth often make us feel self-conscious, because we feel it looks unattractive. But it is more than just self-esteem and aesthetics. A missing tooth can often cause other teeth to move. This will eventually lead to changes in the shape of the jaw and face. Over time the situation becomes increasingly complex.

Bridges use to replace the missing tooth be connecting an artificial tooth between the adjacent teeth. This prevented those adjacent teeth from moving, but it meant they had to be heavily (and permanently) modified. It was better to have a replacement tooth that did not badly affect other teeth.

Dental Implants Burwood

Implants are synthetic teeth attached to the jawbone a metal post. They are permanent, look realistic, and feel just like natural teeth. Patient soon forget that they have an implant. It’s like having a natural tooth back.

The metal post of the implant offers important advantages. It does not need support from any surrounding teeth. And it bonds to the jawbone (osseointegrate) at a molecular level, so the bond is very strong.

If several teeth have been lost it is possible to replace them with a row of implants secured on only two metal posts.

Advantages of Implants

– -Implants last for decades with just normal brushing.
– They look realistic, like a natural tooth.
– They feel like a natural tooth.
– Extremely strong and long-lasting.
– Help preserve bone in the jaw, which often deteriorates without a tooth root.
– Helps prevents other adjacent teeth from moving out of alignment.
– Don’t require adjacent teeth to be altered, as an old dental bridge restoration did.

Dental Implants Burwood

Implants are the modern solution to missing teeth. Results are long lasting and feel like a natural tooth.