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Children need to both clean their teeth on a twice daily basis, and visit the dentist on a twice yearly basis. They will not do this on their own, so we need to teach them good habits not that they will hopefully continue for the rest of their life. If we do not take responsibility for them now their teeth may be irreversibly damaged.

Young Child Dentist Merrylands

– The young child should be taken to the dentist by either their first birthday, or by the time their first tooth appears.

– We should clean their gums with a damp clean cloth before the teeth appear.

– Avoid letting the infant sleep with a bottle in the mouth. Any liquid other than water will cause the teeth to suffer decay.

– Encourage the child to drink plenty of water, this helps keep teeth healthy.

– Avoid junk food. Children do not know how to be responsible with food.

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– Children copy at least some of the things that adults do. So set an example – have them watch you brush, floss and use mouthwash, and have them repeat the process.
– A novelty toothbrushes with popular comic or pop culture characters encourage children to brush.
– Children like electric toothbrushes. These achieve good results with moderate effort.
– Timers help us to brush the full 2 minutes. Some electric brushes have these built in.
– Children’s toothpastes are pleasant tasting and safe to swallow, being fluoride free. The child is more inclined to brush if the toothpaste tastes pleasant.
– Rewards – Put a sticker on a chart every time the child remembers to brush their teeth. Reward them for each week of good performance.
Children have potential, but little experience. Teach them good habits now so they can keep them in the future.

Merrylands Childrens Dentist

Take children to the dentist from a young age, to teach them good dental habits and keep their teeth in the best condition possible.