Dental Health and Wellbeing

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Our minds and bodies interact in many complex way. Our teeth are part of this complex system, so our dental health will affect the health of our entire body, and affect our mental health and well-being.

There are psychological and physiological aspects of keeping our teeth clean. Just the daily discipline of cleaning teeth is a good psychological habit, it helps us get started in the right frame of mind in the morning, and give a sense of completion at night. Perhaps more importantly, clean teeth are good for our short term and long term health in many ways.

Merrylands Dental – Benefits of Clean Teeth

The bad bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease has been linked to cardiovascular disease and old age dementia. So if we neglect our teeth now we are very prone to heart problems (cardiovascular) and mental problems (Dementia and Alzheimer’s) in latter life. Brushing teeth prevents a lot of long term health problems.

The diet that causes tooth problems, a diet high it sugars and junk food, is bad for our health at several levels. It leads to weight gain, clogged arteries, sleep disruption, and a compromised immune system. If we cut out these foods, or at least minimise them, we have far better health.

Bad dental health can lead to infected gums, which strain our immune system, so we end up suffering from other illnesses that we encounter. A single infected tooth can cause a compromised immune system, as well as a lot of pain.

Perhaps less well-known is the influence of dental health on mental health. Poor dental health from lack of cleaning can greatly increase the bad bacteria in our mouth and digestive system. This leads to depression, stress, poor memory, and foggy thinking. The simple act of cleaning our teeth twice daily can greatly reduce these mental health problems. It also helps to reintroduce good bacteria into our bodies with yoghurt, Kimchi, and other fermented foods.

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Physical and mental health is always important. But it is especially important in children, who are still in the process of developing. If a child suffers mental issues such as depression or poor memory it badly compromises their education and psychological development. This can be very difficult to alter when the child becomes an adult. The sooner the problems are removed the better the chance the individual child has of developing into a healthy individual.

Poor dental health on children’s teeth can compromise the adult teeth. If a child looses a tooth there can be problems latter on then the adult teeth develop, with these new teeth not having the space to emerge properly. This might mean braces or surgery to straighten teeth and perhaps the jaw.

Getting the child into good dental habits at a young age helps prevent many issues later in life.

Dentist Merrylands

Dental health affects our overall physical and mental health in many ways. Visit the dentist to help live a better adjusted life.