What Are Common Brushing Mistakes?

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Basic cleaning may seem obvious. It is fundamentally important if we are to have healthy teeth and gums. Some important points are:

Pick a good toothbrush

A soft bristle toothbrush is best. This will clean teeth without causing abrasion to tooth enamel or gums. Harsh bristle brushes will damage teeth over time.

A brush will a small head may be better for reaching the back teeth.

Electric brushes are fine.

Change the brush (or brush head) every 3 months, or at the first sign of wear.

Not cleaning to soon after meals

Many foods and beverages, especially if acidic and sugary, will soften tooth enamel. If we brush after eating these sugary/acidic things we will wear away the tooth surface. Best to wait 30 minutes before brushing, and in the meantime drink water or chew sugar free gum.

And don’t brush to hard. This will also wear at teeth. Brush for several minutes, cover every surface, but brush softly.


– Brush in up and down circles
– Angle the brush 45degree up for the top teeth, and 45degrees down for the lower teeth.
– Try to get the bristles under the gum line, getting rid of plaque where the tooth and gum meet.
– Brush the back of the teeth (near the tongue) as well.
– Use a pea sized amount of toothpaste.
– After brushing, spit, but let the toothpaste remain on the teeth for a minute or two. Don’t gargle.
– Brush twice per day.
– Mouthwash gives addition protection. Use this at least one per day.

Braces Merrylands

Teeth with braces are a little harder to clean, but the cleaning is as important as ever. Interdental brushes will help clean between teeth. A waterjet/waterpik is another option.

A second toothbrush with some rows of bristles removed can help clean between the braces.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Merrylands

There can be considerable difficulty brushing wisdom teeth if these back molars have not fully emerged. It may be virtually impossible to brush under any gum that covers the wisdom teeth. Many people need their wisdom teeth removed because these back molars often do not emerge properly. Discuss this with your dentist.

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Diligent cleaning we can prevent most dental problems. Have a dental appointment every 6 months to address potential problems in the earliest stages.