What Are The Advantages of Dental Implants

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Dental Implants give us realistic looking, fully functional teeth. These replace natural teeth that are badly damaged or badly mispronunciation.

Implants are permanently fixed within the mouth, where they bond to the jawbone. This makes them superior to dentures which can easily come loose. They are also superior to bridges which require the modification of adjacent teeth.

Sometimes instead of using implants a tooth is capped/crowned. This is similar to an implant, but it keeps the internal part, the root and pulp, of the tooth.

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Implants have two main sections. They consist of an internal metal post and and external replica tooth. The metal post is made of titanium, which bonds to the jawbone at a biological level. This makes for a very secure joint. The external replica tooth is made of ziriconia or lithium disilicate, which both look and function like a natural tooth.

When Front teeth are replaced the implants are usually made with Lithium disilicate. This is quite strong and looks very natural. It is even semi-translucent like natural teeth.

When back molars are replaced the implants use Ziriconia. This is even stronger than Lithium disilicate, but not as realistic looking. As the back of the mouth is not easily visible the appearance of these molar teeth is not a priority.

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An implant will require several dental visits, usually three. The metal post has to be put in place first. The replica tooth is put in place on a subsequent visit. It then take a few weeks for the bone to fully bond to the post, though the tooth is quite secure once it has been put in place.

Implants require only the same general maintenance that we give out regular teeth. They will not decay, but twice daily brushing and flossing is necessary to look after the gum around the teeth.

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It would be preferable to keep our natural teeth. But if this is no longer possible, then implants are the best alternative. Once that are in place you will feel you have your natural teeth back.